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Hello PRR Team, My PRR will be asking two things ****1) Send a copy of the 2013-2014 Budget in Brief. Or, confirm 2013-2014 did not have a Budget in Brief. ****2) Copy of the entire document the “CIP Plan Expenditures” table came from. This table shows it is page “36”. See yellow highlight and red arrow on pdf sent separately. Thank You Paul Stickney

CLARIFICATION (screenshots in original message R drive folder)

Here are two screenshots


On the “Major Capital Expenditures” I would like the $ costs for:

>Community Center

>MOU (Maintenance & Operations Center)

>Mars Hill 

>Old Library

>Beaton Park


On the Comm Ctr.

First, what does Comm  Ctr. stand for?

Second, what was money spent for for three years:

-2014 for $  8,286,423

-2015 for $19.564,453

-2016 for $. 3,335,681

Status Detail

10/30/20 - Forwarded request to Finance Dept. Requested clarification and received additional information from Requestor. Provided first installment with last installment expected by 11/6/20. - TCM 11/10/20 - Provided second and final installment and closed request. Requestor emailed back informing that request had not yet been fulfilled. Working with Finance Dept to locate additional responsive record. - TCM 11/24/20 - Received clarification and sent to Finance Dept. - TCM 11/30/20 - Requested additional clarification and received it. Provided requested records via email and closed request. - TCM