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From: Ray Dove <>
Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2020 11:29 AM
To: Mark Newman <>; Haim Strasbourger <>
Subject: Project Guidance # FEAS2020-00480 - Tax ID# 8920100008 and 8920100010



Hi Mark and Haim


Hoping you can help me regarding this property, we have not submitted for a building permit

due to the moratorium that is in place with the City, and we have the guidelines and setbacks on what needs to be submitted when submitting for a building permit, yet with all that in mind do you see any challenges with this site in order for us to obtain a building permit for a NEW custom modular home that will be 900 sq ft?


Location f the property is 23 E Lake Sammamish Pl SE


Just trying to get a rough opinion, not anything that would commit you or the city to issue a building permit. Are there any variances with this property that we should know about as well?



Thanks, any input would be greatly appreciated

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10/1/20 - Request received and fulfilled by Mark Newman in Planning. - TCM