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please provide all supporting documentation for the recently approved "Delivery of Unsolicited or Unsubscribed Literature on Private Property" ordinance. I would like emails or other written documents sent to the City complaining about unsolicited materials on private property. Emails or text messages sent to/from employees, contractors employed by the city, council members and members of the public discussing, creating/drafting, soliciting input/feedback, etc. All written communications pertaining to this ordinance. Also, I could not locate this ordinance in its published approved form on the City's website, please include the link where this document is posted.

CLARIFICATION 1: "Please limit your search from June thru September 24th, 2020. I am looking for emails, documents pertaining to the initiation of the concept, discussions, policy to prohibit unsolicited or unsubscribed printed materials. My interest is specific to the new policy prohibiting unsolicited material."

CLARIFICATION 2: "please limit the search to the records related to the ordinance, the mailboxes of staff and council members pertaining to the ordinance. I would also appreciate the emails from the City's Code Compliance."

Status Detail

10/1/2020 - Provided 1st installment via Hightail, request for clarification by 11/2/20, and next installment date of 11/6/2020. - Clarification received and noted. - TCM 10/9/20 - Provided 2nd installment via Hightail. Requestor inquired whether there was a missing email. Checked and determined there were no additional responsive records. - TCM 10/27/20 - Provided third and final installment via Hightail and closed the request. - TCM