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I emailed Jeff Elekes on 8/29/2020 and have not heard back. I’d be happy if either he and/or Cheryl Paston replied. A couple questions about his statement “I can confirm that Sammamish’s traffic modeling data under previous Administration has been manipulated in the past in favor of development.” 1) Was the development that you refer to in your statement in alignment with what the currently adopted Comprehensive Plan allows? 2) Or was this development above and beyond the land-uses allowed by the currently adopted Comprehensive Plan? Please elaborate. Also, please let him know that if he’d like to issue a public apology for accusing past and present employees of “highly suspect" and manipulative behavior and broadcasting it, I would be more than happy to print it on my blog. In conversations I’ve had with Councilmembers it sounds as if he’s walked back his accusational statements considerably. We all make mistakes and he is brand new on the job.

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9/18/2020- Seeking information not records. AK