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Per SMC 2.55.040 Index of department records, reports and manuals required I am requesting all records relating to Chapter 19A.24 Boundary Line Adjustments, SMC 19A.08.070 Determining Legal Lot Status, and SMC 19A.04.060 Definition of Building Site

 Clarification 9/16/2020: 

I am requesting all department documentation and/or correspondence regarding the Sammamish Municipal Code, including all records in accordance with SMC 2.55.040

  1. SMC Chapter 19A.24 Boundary Line Adjustments
  2. SMC 19A.08.070 Determining Legal Lot Status
  3. SMC 19A.04.060 Definition of Building Site
  4. New Add:  SMC Chapter 21A.70 Nonconformance - especially SMC 21A.70.010, 21A.70.020 and 21A.70.030

 Clarification 11/24/2020: Hi Amy,

My understanding is the department should have procedures and manuals on how to process legal lot status and boundary line adjustments.  I would like to see what rules, procedures and/or guidance is followed.  After reviewing the track it worksheet, I would also like to see what qualifies something to be added to legal lot status tracking. 

Thank you, Jessica Yamashita

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11/24/2020- Emailed first installment and asked for clarification. AK 12/3/2020- Emailed second installment due 12/21/2020. AK 12/21/2021- Emailed we need additional time. Next installment due 1/21/2021. AK 1/20/2021- Second installment sent. Next due 3/22/2021. AK 3/23/2021- Third installment sent today. Next due 5/24/2021. AK 4/29/2021- Final installment sent. AK