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Per the City of Sammamish Municipal Code Tree Removal permits are issued in two manners. 1. Grading Permit. 2. Tree Removal Permit. 21A.37.210 Approval required.                 (1) any person who desires to cut down or remove any significant tree or who desires to conduct grading activities on a site that will result in the removal of any significant tree, must first obtain approval as required in this chapter. Approval may take the form of a tree removal permit or it may be included in conjunction with another land use approval such as a preliminary plat grading permit.

For the project located at 134 210th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA Parcel # 8562900670 Permit No: BLD2019-00194 Please provide:

1. Grading Permit Approval Document(s)

2. Copy of Receipt of payment received by the City of Sammamish for Grading Permit

3. Tree Removal Permit Document(s)

4. Copy of Receipt of payment received by the City of Sammamish for Tree Removal Permit

Furthermore, please provide a copy of payment received for Land Use Fees received from the City of Sammamish associated with this Permit Application.

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9/15/2020- Sent first installment. AK 9/16/2020- Sent via Hightail documents. AK