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Please provide staff reports for the Shoreline Variance and Zoning Variance for SVAR2016-00053 used to provide permission to build on parcel 202506-9071,(Dennis Baerwald) 3201 East Lake Sammamish PKWY NE. The Hearing Examiners decision references conditions that need to be altered on pages that are not contained in the original staff report I was provided before the hearing held on 3/27/17. The report I have is the one prior to the removal of the dock from the project so the project could appear to qualify for SEPA exemption if the application had been able to vest but variance application do not vest despite this still being allowed. Please also provide the description of the project and variance determination sent to the DOE for approval. I would like the same for the neighboring parcel/project: ZONV2015-00208 & SVAR2015-00209, Parcel: 202506-9058 (Daniel Ogren) 3197 E LAKE SAMMAMISH PKWY NE Please provide copy's of any other permits and approvals provided by other agencies required to build on this land. The two projects are almost entirely encumbered by the the flood plain and according the copy of the staff reports I have they would be required by the National Marine Fisheries Service to prepare a Habitat Assessment but I did not see this with the building permit information provided in my last request and I would like copies for both properties including mitigation requirements. The preapplication meeting notes also state the legal requirements of obtaining additional reports prior to and during the building process and I would like all documentation provided, specifically around building less than a foot above the flood plain. The clearing and regrading of both parcels appears to have allowed beyond what we thought was initially approved in the variances needed to build. The large 100' long 8' tall 1'thick concrete wall over shore lands on a lake of statewide significance was surprising to see, which is why I need the description provided to the DOE for both properties following the modifications requested by the hearing examiner to the conditions to be binding to the land and required to build within the 50' setback as stated in the variance requirements. It is also surprising this would not be considered concerning to the building enforcement, which would imply there would be additional approvals supplied to the city that would allow for type of structure. I would like the documentation for both properties. The building plans supplied in my last request combined information in some reports likely because they were both sold following the building of the trail from the same owner, Nelson/Hughes. The geotechnical reports also stated their work scope did not contain environmental remediation and safety precautions or environmental remediation design and performance related issues. Is there another report that would include this information considering the sensitivity of the land? Please also include any communications with King County and who the contact they are working with for the drainage system being installed and any filtration or mitigation of the water coming from Wetland 32A. The area is mapped as a class 3 CARA which is likely true as we have a well on lot 4 of our short plat, as does at least one on the properties to the north of us (33rd PL NE) which would appear to imply we are near if not on the aquifer. Is their a map that can provide the CARA areas in Sammamish as well as the area covering the aquifer? If so please provide this as well. I look forward to the information. Thank you!3482--

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9/10/2020- Sent first installment. Next due 9/25/2020. AK 9/29/2020-Emailed update on request. Next installment due 10/9/2020.AK 10/8/2020- Sent via hightail documents. AK