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Sarah Kimsey

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All emails between Karen Moran and Celia Wu using their PRIVATE email addresses to discuss the Chamber and/or Sammamish Farmers Market between May 1-31, 2020.

8/26/2020: Revised to add: Eastside Catholic" to request.

Status Detail

8/26/2020- Emailed Celia and Karen Nissan Affidavits. AK 10/14/2020- Re-sent affidavits and reminder to Moran and Wu. AK 12/3/2020- Received Celia signed affidavit today. Close request. AK 11/23/2022-Requested to be re-opened. Estimated installment 12/7/2022. AA 11/28/2022-Provided N.A's from 2020. AA