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Dear Public Records Officer, My name is Olivia Figueroa from Property Insight. I’m contacting you regarding LID (Local Improvement Districts). We would like to know if Sammamish Plateau City has “active” LIDs being collected at the present time. If the city no longer collects LIDs, please provide the date when the LIDs were closed/cancelled. If you are collecting LIDs, Property Insight would like to request an electronic copy of the current/active 2020 billed LID Report. Ideally, we would like to receive this information via email in excel/cvs format. If this format is not available, please provide a sample of the available format. Please forward any pertinent information you need from Property Insight for this request. • Cost • Request Form (s) • LID Name (s) We hope to receive the following information (if available): • LID Name • LID/Account # • Assessor Parcel # • Situs Address • Owner’s Name • Principal Amount Billed • Principal Amount Balance • Penalty Billed • Total Amount Due To provide you some background on Property Insight, we are a subsidiary of the Fidelity National Financial brand of underwriters. We provide automated title research software to our family brands and their agencies. Our sole use for these records would be for title research purposes. We do not resell acquired records in bulk form–only transactionally to the real estate title industry through online systems under long term contracts. We do not sell to the public through the internet. I’d like to thank you in advance for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions. Thank you. Olivia Figueroa Property Insight National Title Plant Operations O: 818-261-3907

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8/18/2020- Referred to SPWS and King County. AK