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Please provide electronic access via email address above to: 1) Storm drainage Technical Information Report(s) for the plat of Hidden Ridge at High Point; 2) Maintenance records for vault D92407 and its outlet facilities including the bio-swale, outlet structure and conveyance pipe shown on Storm Bandit as draining down hill to a receiving CB at 192nd Pl NE .This pipe is also shown on a Facility Sketch Sheet a draining from Structure 1833. 3) Maintenance records for ditch along south side of 192nd Pl NE and outfall pipe to the east of 196th Ave NE. Thank you.


10/16/2020: Received email with addition to request: "“Soils, Geology, Geology Hazards and Hydrogeology Report” contained in Appendix A of the FEIS for Chrysalis Estates, Old Mill Point and Weber’s Ridge.  The cover page (attached) is present at page 322 of 556 in the first TIR and at page 349 of 578 in the Phase II TIR, but the report is not there in either one.I realize this is a big pain for you but after reviewing the material I do need to see that Soils, etc report.Also I did not find any reference to wetland reports in the FEIS or in the TIR so it seems there was not one done, which I find quite implausible.  Do I need to do another PRR for that and the Soils, Geology, Geology Hazards and Hydrogeology Report or will this email suffice?  Wetland studies may be filed with something else.But my primary interest (where this started) is in Hidden Ridge and its TIR including Soils, Geology, Geology Hazards and Hydrogeology and Wetlands reports.  So does the City have any other Hidden Ridge documents -- the DEIS should include the Soils and Wetland? studies as appendices."

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8/17/2020- Emailed documents. Referral to KC Records for TIR's. AK 10/2/2020- Sent TIR via Hightail. AK 10/20/2020- Re-opened request, and added clarification. AK 11/5/2020- Emailed documents. Next installment due 11/19/2020. AK 12/15/2020- Emailed wetland report. Close request. AK