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Chad Keck

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I would like to see any and all contracts, financial records, payment history, and any evidence of work stoppage or disillusion of a contract with Auto Doctor, owned by Kameron Laing.

8/13/2020- Revised: " Data for this year, 2020, 

I would also like to ensure that I get the itemized invoice submitted by the vendor at the point of the vendor request for payment (vendor being AutoDoctor). This can also be limited to 2020.

If I could get this data that includes everything for the month of August 2020, that would be perfect.

The updated Invoices through July and August would be great too.."

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7/20/2020- Sent 5 day response. First installment date 8/20/2020.AK 7/22/2020- Sent first installment of records via Hightail. AK 8/17/2020- Next Installment date 9/1/2020. AK 9/1/2020- Sent documents via Hightail. Closed. AK