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Dear Sir: I am writing this request for public records on behalf of myself and our neighbors. We would like to be provided with any records Sammamish City has at this time in regard to building permits on King County parcel # 6795100230. The address today is 2915 226th Ave SE. As the parcel is being sub-divided the address may change and we would request records from both addresses. We have records for the sub-division so there is no need to repeat these again. I have been advised by David Pyle that the city has no mechanism to hold this as a standing request so I will assume that if no records are sent, there are no current permit request approved or unapproved. I will resend this request periodically so that you can have a reminder that our request remains current. Email response is best and the proper email addresses for response are: and If email is not practical, please feel free to call/text me at (425) 443-6920 or send a package to 2929 224th Pl SE, Sammamish, Wa. 98075. I am also available to pick any documents if the situation warrants. Our purpose in this request is merely to understand what is being proposed as the builder has been less than forthcoming in his planning. If there is anything that we might find objectionable, we would hope to resolve them in a swift and constructive manner. John Balciunas 2929 224th Pl SE Sammamish, Wa. 98075 Note – I believe I have records current through June 10,2020. There is no need to provide records before that date

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7/14/2020- Planner will send installment on 7/17/2020. AK 7/16/2020- Planner emailed documents. AK