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All current building plans, approvals, data submitted for verification and associated reports for parcels 202506-9058 & 202506-9071. Please include: Any altered building plans/ structure design, Assessments and reports from the geotechnical engineer addressing the parcels location within the seismic zone and how the onsite storm water runoff will be infiltrated 75% on site as both parcels as noted in the critical area studies provided by the applicants show the parcels are located within a Class 3 Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA) GIS reports, Current Habitat Assessments with detailed mitigation measures.

The building designs I have seen do not show the massive retaining wall that has been erected of heavy cement on land that is shown on the GIS reports in King County as geologically challenged land: on the seismic zone, Class 3 CARA, 100 year flood plain, bordering wetland 32A and on a shoreline of statewide significance (as are all three neighboring parcels mentioned in this request). This heavy wall is just north of a landslide this past year over the Eastlake Sammamish PKWY NE. This only appears to be on parcel 202506-9085 but also may be on the neighboring parcel 202506-9042 and if so please provide the geological data reports as to this sizable weight and affects. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

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7/1/2020- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 7/10/2020. AK 7/9/2020- Sent final documents via hightail. AK 7/22/2020- Resent via hightail documents. AK