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Dan McKinney

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All records and communications (including e-mails) dated after May 12, 2020 relating to the review and audit of the City of Sammamish’s traffic concurrency models. This request is not intended to duplicate any of the records already provided in response to public record requests #3210, #3264 and #3295.

CLARIFICATION: "my request for “all records and communications” includes the relevant records of the City’s consultants, including DEA and TSI/eRMSi."

Status Detail

6/15/2020- 5 days response email sent. AK 10/1/2020- Installment due 12/1/2020. AK 10/27/20 - Provided first installment via Hightail. Next installment expected Nov 27, 2020. - TCM 1/12/2021- Sent installment date 3/15/2021. AK 3/15/2021- Sent installment. Next due 3/19/2021. AK 3/16/2021- Sent final installment. AK