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Dean Messmer

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The Carrier Subdivision documents I am requesting are as follows:


  1. The ACOE permit referenced on the plans, which I believe to be NWS-2016-00330, including any ACOE questions and developer answers provided to obtain issuance of the permit, including those related to “seasonal work restrictions.”
  2. The WDFW HPA permit for the project
  3. The DOE NDPES permit for the project
  4. Any permits issued by the City of Sammamish involving the storm water work performed on the project to date, or otherwise permitting work in the project’s wetlands or other critical areas
  5. The developer’s critical areas studies and mitigation plans
  6. The developer’s storm drainage reports
  7. The developer’s erosion control plans
  8. Any project-related reports, notes, memos etc. regarding stormwater issues or rainfall events during December 2019 (as referenced on the project web page) or February 2020.  (As to the December time period, I note the project web page states “Due to the rainfall, City staff has been performing inspections of erosion control measures at the Carrier Subdivision site on a daily basis.”)
  9. Any complaints and any City, developer or contractor responses thereto regarding storm water or erosion issues or damage relating to the project since site work began last fall.

 6/11/2020- Added to request: 

I would like to add a couple supplemental requests, relating to the storm water pipeline running under SE 8th and then to the west side of the residence at 21415 SE 8th as shown in the “snip” below from Carrier plan sheet EC-01: 

  1. As built drawings for the line.
  2. If not included in the as builts, the date installed and the materials used.
  3. The supplemental survey by ESE referenced in the above note
  4. If not shown on the survey, the elevations of the storm line intake on the north side of the road, and then along the pipe to its outfall south of the road
  5. City maintenance records for the line
  6. Any inspection reports regarding the line, including any during or after December 2019 and February 2020 rain events.

Status Detail

6/11/2020- Sent 5 days response. AK 6/19/2020- Sent 1 st installment. Next due 6/30/2020.AK 6/23/2020- Emailed extension date of 2nd installment to 7/13/2020. AK 7/13/2020- Sent 3rd and Final Installment of records. AK 7/17/2020- Emailed a response date of 7/31/2020. AK 7/31/2020- Sent via hightail final installment of records. AK