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During last night's council meeting (6.2.20) some council members discussed holding 2/2/3 meetings with Victor Saleman (TSI) to discuss his contract findings on the audit of the DEA concurrency model, and other related topics. My request is to receive of presentation materials - slideshows, documents, email, handouts, etc that have been been given to the city council by TSI (or city staff) that pertain to the concurrency model audit results and/or associated/related topics. This request includes emails between city council members and TSI, Victor Saleman, City Staff or other council members relating to the traffic audit model findings, concurrency, 6-Year TIP's or the TMP.

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6/12/20: Emailed the presentation & documents received from Mike Sugg regarding the Council interviews. Next installment with emails due on June 29, 2020. (emails) 6/29/2020- Emailed 2nd installment. 3rd installment from attorney is due 7/24/2020. AK 7/17/2020-Sent via hightail final installment. AK