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Julio Richburg

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Request all contracts and agreements the City of Sammamish has entered into with all Non-profits or Not-for Profit organizations/companies since 2005 for services delivered to the City of Sammamish and/or events held in the City of Sammamish. Must include all events sponsored in conjunction with the City, on behalf of the City, and events without City participation. Must include the use permit/contracts for events held on City property or parks.

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6/2/2020: Forwarded request on to Chris J in Parks and Rec. MA 6/8/2020- 5 day response sent. First installment date 6/29/2020. AK 6/16/2020 - First installment sent. Second installment due 9/8/2020. MA 9/8/2020- Installment due 9/8/2020. AK 10/7/2020- Sent via Hightail documents. AK