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I am an interested citizen. I would like to get a PDF of all the emails sent by neighbors/the public leading up to the last Sammamish, Washington city council meeting. If possible, I would like to get pre-hearing emails received related to city council agenda items in all of April and May, 2020 but if it is easier, just the emails before the last city council meeting would be fine. Can you email me emails received from residents/the public leading up to the last Sammamish city council meeting? Is there a website where I can access the pre-hearing emails received ahead of or during the next City Council meeting? If so, where can I access them? Are Sammamish city council meetings live again, or must we dial into them remotely? When is the next Sammamish Council meeting? If remote, how do I access the link to the next Sammamish Council meeting, and how do I get the Agenda and sign up to speak during the Public Comment period? Sorry for the many questions. If easier or if you have questions, please call me at 408-398-3126. Please let me know.

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