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All records and communications (including e-mails) relating to the review and audit of the City of Sammamish’s traffic concurrency models that was initiated by a motion of the City Council on August 20, 2019. This request includes but is not limited to all communications relating to: (1) the motion adopted on August 20, 2019; (2) any Request for Qualifications (RFQs) for consultants to perform the review and audit and all consultant proposals and accompanying documentation submitted in response to RFQs; (3) the evaluation and selection of the consultant(s), contract negotiations and scope refinement, and the contract approved by the City Council on January 7, 2020; (4) the performance of the review and audit, including all communications to or from anyone at the City, the consultant(s) retained by the City to manage its traffic concurrency program, and the consultant(s) conducting the audit; and (5) communications to or from City Councilmembers relating to the review and audit. This request is not intended to duplicate any of the records already provided in response to public records requests #3210 and #3264.

Status Detail

5/19/2020- 5 day response sent. First installment date 6/8/2020. AK 6/8/2020- Sent first installment via Hightail. 7/13/2020 next installment date. AK 8/4/2020- Emailed next installment date 9/7/2020. AK 9/8/2020- Sent installment via Hightail. Next installment due 9/29/2020. AK 10/1/2020- Emailed final documents. KA