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I noticed that a critical area has been marked and fenced  to be protected by the city Sammamish adjacent to our property with the parcel number “3325069057”, located eastward of the Southwest corner of the parcel numbers “3582050230, 3582050250 and 1240700092”; particularly, the parcel number 3582050230.

I’m requesting public records on critical areas of those properties as they are involved in these protected critical areas where there is a seasonal stream with a potential wetland and how they impact a possible short subdivision of our property of the parcel number 3325069057. 


4/24/2020: Mr. Yao emailed this response. Added it to his PRR and opened it back up to investigate. I spoke with Andrew Johnson since he has been working with this gentleman on this project to get a better idea of what he is looking for. AK 

"I just reviewed all 6 files you're able to located in the city's permit tracking system.  They are all about the parcels 1240700090 and 1240700092 and I did not request any info about 1240700090.  But I also requested records for the parcels 3582050220, 3582050230, 3582050240, and 3582050250, to which you have not emailed my any public records.

Quadrant Homes has a major development in that area of at least 21 single family homes, south of SE 4th Street and east of 218th Ave. SE.  They must done extensive Critical Areas Studies on the southeast corner of their development adjacent to our property with the parcel number of 3325069057, back in 2005. Or the city would not allow this development on a less than 5 acre lot for building 21 homes or more!

And furthermore, the city has fence-marked a pretty big area as "critical and protected area", because there is a seasonal stream flowing along the westside of the parcel "3325069057" and potential a wetland located in the parcel 3582050230 or on the boundary line of 3582050230 and 1240700092.

 My question is that if the city has fence-marked a specific area over there and designated it as "critical areas and protected", has it had a critical area study done somehow?"


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4/23/2020- Hightailed responsive documents. AK 4/24/2020- Received email from Mr. Yao he is requesting further information on a new parcel. AK