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Ed Lesnick

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All correspondence (including but not limited to emails, text messages) and documents (including but not limited to draft/finalized permits, drawings, applications) relating to the construction and occupancy approval for the Sammamish Sky Apartments. The address is 22526 SE 4th Street, Sammamish, WA 98074. These documents maybe contained in the City of Sammamish's Building Division but should not be limited to that department.

3/30/2020- Clarification received: "For this public records request, let’s have January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018 be the date restriction for all documents that would be relevant to this request. We are looking for all communications (text, email, voicemail recordings) between the City of Sammamish personnel (presumably the building department, permit and planning staff) and Insite or Sammamish Sky representatives." 



Status Detail

3/18/2020- Sent 5 day response with first installment of records via hightail. AK 4/8/2020- Sent responsive emails. AK 4/9/2020- Sent final installment. AK