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Please email all permit records for the following Permits to include notes, conditions, requested information, actions, and status on Permits. Also on the PSHP2017-00757 please please provide record, reason,and explanation for creation of two (2) tracts on the original parcel permit and include the parcel records. Here are the permit records seeking data for: PSHP2017-00757 Parcel: 1024069081 Status: APP W CONDS Description SUKHORUKOV 2 LOT SHORT PLAT Short subdivision of an existing single-family residential lot of .87 acres into two (2) lots and creation of two (2) tracts. BLD2019-03554 BLDG RESIDENTIAL - SINGLE FAMILY Parcel: 1024069081 SDP2019-03904 SUKHORUKOV SHP SEWER / WATER Parcel: 1024069081 ROW2020-01044 Project Name: SIDEWALK & CURB RESTORATION 23702 SE 32ND WAY Type: ROW - TYPE B CONSTRUCTION Parcel: 1024069081 Thank you.

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3/17/2020- Sent documents via hightail. AK