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Harishwar Pasupu

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Pursuant to the state statutes regarding public information, I am inquiring to whether you can provide the following information:

1.      A copy of any existing records showing information regarding depositor names, amounts and dates for all unrefunded cash escrows, cash deposits, performance or construction bonds which have been deposited with your municipality that have not been returned or refunded.

2.      A copy of any records showing the (i) payee or vendor names, (ii) check issue dates, (iii) check number, and (iv) dollar amounts of every uncashed /stale-dated vendor check that has aged more than (6) months from the date of this letter in an amount equal to or greater than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).

3.      Financial spreadsheet, ledger, or any other accounting record of property tax overpayments, or claimed/unredeemed tax lien certificates which have been refundable for more than (6) months from the date of this letter showing the (i) payee names (ii) check issue dates, (iii) check numbers, and (iv) dollar amounts over $1,000.00.

For all three requests, please include any necessary claim forms, affidavits and instructions required for the reissuance of the outstanding/state dated checks or refunds.  Please only include items that are still eligible for release as of today and have not been escheated to the state unclaimed property department. It would be great if you could also let me know how often all the 3 reports are updated and available on request.

Status Detail

3/5/20 - Request submitted to Finance Dept. and forwarded to City Clerk's Office for processing. - TCM 3/11/20 - Sent first installment via Hightail. Next installment expected Apr 10, 2020. - TCM 4/9/20 - Sent email requesting the Commercial Purposes Declaration again, providing 2nd installment, and requesting whether PRR 3255 was submitted in error as it is the same as 3225. If no reply by May 11, process as separate request but only for the time period between the two requests. - TCM 7/24/20 - Informed that we are unable to extract data from TRAKiT and will need to engage a consultant. Will provide an update by 7/31/20. - TCM 7/31/20 - Informed that we need additional time to locate records. Will provide an update by 8/7/20. - TCM 8/11/20 - Completed search for additional records and located none responsive. - TCM