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Paige Cornwell

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Pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, I am requesting the personnel files of the following former employees: Chip Corder, who resigned in February 2020 Rick Rudometkin, who left in November 2019 Lyman Howard, who left in July 2018

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3/2/20 - Provided expected first installment date of 4/24/20 - TCM 4/13/20 - Provided first installment. Next installment expected 5/26/20. - TCM 5/20/20 - Provided updated installment date of June 26, 2020. - TCM 6/24/20 - Provided notice of 3rd party notification process for remaining responsive records. - TCM 6/29/20 - Provided 2nd installment of responsive records via Hightail. 3rd installment pending 3rd party notification process. Will be provided by July 10, 2020 should no court order be received. - TCM 6/30/20 - Provided new version of installment 2 with redactions. - TCM 7/1/20 - Provided final installment of records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM