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Thank you Lita and Doug for the information you have gathered and sent them to me. 

I was particularly pleased to see and reviewed the SR-202 Study that was conducted by WSDOTand was released last year.


The traffic data on city streets I received are helpful to me, but perhaps you can also assist me with some additional information I mentioned to Doug in my phone conversation.

1- I am wondering if the city has a data base on city arterial collisions. The particular corridor I am interested is the Sahalee Way/228th/43rd corridor from SR-202 to the East Lake Sammamish.

 Understandably, part of the corridor is in unincorporated King County (to the north) and the city of Issaquah (to the south). But at least, since the remaining segments of the corridor is in Sammamish, collision data should be available for citizen review.

2- I also would like to receive speed data on the subject corridor. Quite often speed data are collected as a part of annual and routine traffic studies. Normally either Public Works Department or the Police department keep a record of such information.  Since the Sahalee Corridor project is scheduled for the city Council discussion on March 3rd, I would really appreciate if I can receive the information requested here as soon as possible, as I intend to attend the March 3rh council meeting and would like to review the information requested prior to that date.

Thank you again for the traffic information you have shared with me so far and looking forward to see the additional information I requested here. 

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2/21/20: Sent this response: request will be available by the end of next week, February 28, 2020.