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Tara Allison

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Zoning Verification Letter for 630 228th Ave NE. Any open and/or unresolved zoning, building and fire code violations Any variances and/or special/conditional use permits and/or zoning relief that may apply to the property Copies of certificates of occupancy Final approved site plan for the property (if available)


2/11/2020- Clarification received by Alexandrea Sparks: 

 All OPEN projects for Safeway located at 630 228th Ave Ne

All OPEN/CLOSED Zoning/Variances/CUP files-None

All OPEN/CLOSED Zoning, Building, Fire, Code files

Status Detail

2/10/2020- Sent email asking for clarification. AK 2/12/2020- Sent first installment. Second installment due 2/27/2020. AK 2/21/2020- Sent final installment of records. AK