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James Jordan

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All documents and public records --- including but not limited to any paper, correspondence, completed form, bound record book, photograph, film, sound recording, map drawing, machine-readable material, compact disc meeting current industry ISO specifications, or any other document, regardless of physical form or characteristics, and including such copies thereof, that have been made by or received by City of Sammamish and/or any department/agency/contractor (and sub-) of the City of Sammamish in connection with the transaction of its public business --- relating in any way (without limitation) to:

(A) the snow storm/snowfall/ice (without limitation) occuring on or dealt with by the City on February 5, 2019, limited however to the Sammamish City Hall/Sammamish Library complex, including all sidewalks/pathways around, adjacent to, and between the Sammamish City Hall and the Sammamish Library, relating specifically to

(1) all actions and efforts (without limitation) by/for the City and its agents/contractors/subcontractors/etc. (without limitation) relating to the maintenance/snow removal/de-icing (without limitation) of those specific sidewalks/pathways on that date, and

(2) any slips/falls/incidents/ injuries (without limitation) occuring on that date and relating to (without limitation) the sidewalks/pathways above described; and

(B) the attendance of and/or public comments made by James H. Jordan, Jr. of Sammamish to the City Council at its meeting on the evening of February 5, 2019.

Status Detail

2/12/2020- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 2/26/2020. AK 2/27/2020- First installment sent. Second installment due 3/11/2020. AK 3/10/2020- Sent email responding to Mr. Jordan request to received all responsive records via USB drive. AK 3/23/2020- Emailed asking for clarification to proceed forward. AK 10/14/2020- Emailed checking back in. AK 9/3/2021- Emailed requestor seeking clarification. AK 10/5/2021- No response received. Abandoned. AK