Public Record Request Status

ID Current Status Date Received Status Detail
1283 Open 04/29/2017 None
1282 Closed 04/26/2017 None
1281 Open 04/27/2017 None
1280 Open 04/27/2017 None
1279 Closed 04/27/2017 None
1278 Pending 04/26/2017 4/27/17: Forwarded emails to Kenyon-Disend for review. LH
1277 Open 04/26/2017 None
1276 Closed 04/26/2017 emailed scanned BLD2006-00548 & BLD2006-00301. lh
1275 Pending 04/26/2017 None
1274 Closed 04/25/2017 emailed copy of Business license report. lh
1273 Closed 04/25/2017 4/25/17: forwarded request to Ben Ressler (PW) lh
1272 Closed 04/24/2017 sent email to Tim Larson for response. lh (no documents from Tim) 4/24/17: sent email to Lyman Howard for document response. lh. 4/26/17: Emailed court decisions as requested. lh
1271 Closed 04/24/2017 4/24/17: Haim emailed copy of requested document. MA
1270 Closed 04/21/2017 no docs available. referred to King County. LH
1269 Closed 04/21/2017 Referred to King County records. Home built before incorporation. Also to Water district for possible historic documents. LH
1268 Pending 04/19/2017 4/21/17: emailed plat map and requested if they would like to retrieve file for building permit from Iron Mt. lh (DCD380)
1267 Closed 04/20/2017 Referred to Labor & Industries in Bellevue for Electrical permitting. lh
1266 Closed 04/20/2017 4/21/17: sent information from Public Works electronic files. LH 4/25/17: emailed Concurrency test # 29. lh
1265 Closed 04/20/2017 Forwarded request to Public works - Steven Chen, Andrew Zagars. LH 4/24/17: emailed Mr. Mullor for clarification with his request. received this response: "Ok. Limit to the 2014 traffic study referenced in city comprehensive plan and all documents used to compile that study. If any other similar studies have been conducted since, please include as well" Resent the request to Emily Arteche. lh 4/25/17: sent information to Mr. Mullor via HIGHTAIL. lh 4/26/17: Hightailed 2014 City wide traffic Counts. LH
1264 Closed 04/20/2017 emailed copy of decision for L98P0044. lh
1263 Closed 04/20/2017 Sent info regarding FEAS2017-00203 - emails and docs from TRAKIT. lh
1262 Closed 04/20/2017 4/20/17: emailed documents from TRAKIT and requested that he contacts Darci Donovan to arrange an appointment to view the file. lh
1261 Closed 04/19/2017 emailed letter from TRAKIT . lh
1260 Closed 04/18/2017 Sent recorded audio files via HIGHTAIL. LH
1259 Closed 04/19/2017 Forwarded to the KCSO Records unit for a response to this request. LH
1258 Closed 04/19/2017 4/19/17: Last request was on 3/16/17. PRR#1163. Downloaded emails since that date. LH Sent documents from TRAKIT and emails since 3/16/17. lh 4/19/17: Sent emails to be reviewed to Kenyon-Disend. LH Alex Kenyon will have them reviewed by May 19, 2017. lh
1257 Closed 04/19/2017 Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh sent link to asbuilt Engineering page. lh
1256 Closed 04/18/2017 Sent staff report which included the approved plans via HIGHTAIL. lh
1255 Closed 04/18/2017 no storage tank info available. built in 1988 in King county. sent her to check with their records. LH
1255 Closed 04/18/2017 Provided copies of requested documents. LO
1254 Closed 04/18/2017 emailed doc from TRAKIT. lh
1253 Closed 04/18/2017 emailed doc from TRAKIT. lh
1252 Closed 04/18/2017 emailed doc from TRAKIT. lh
1251 Closed 04/18/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1250 Closed 04/18/2017 left files in Will Call for him to review. Made copies as requested. LH
1249 Closed 04/17/2017 Emailed scanned building permit file. LH Blue prints no longer available. lh
1248 Closed 04/17/2017 Sent electronic files and scanned building permit file via HIGHTAIL. lh
1247 Closed 04/12/2017 Given to Tony to complete. DD Completed and copies made. TH
1246 Closed 04/12/2017 Pulled plans - No copies requested. TH
1245 Closed 04/14/2017 4/14/17: Sent copy of Preliminary TIR via HIGHTAIL. lh
1244 Closed 04/12/2017 Forwarded message from Darci D. LH
1243 Closed 04/12/2017 4/12/17: forwarded the request to Tawni and Lisa for a response. lh 4/14/17: informed Mr. Marx that Tawni will respond next week when she returns from vacation. lh 4/17/17: sent reminder email to Tawni. She is out with a sick child today. lh 4/20/17: Forwarded information from Tawni to Mr. Marx. lh
1242 Closed 04/12/2017 Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
1241 Closed 04/11/2017 emailed by Jim Grueber
1240 Closed 04/12/2017 Emailed Finance for documents from meeting and sent presentations through email. LH Melonie sent corrected link on website. LH
1239 Closed 04/11/2017 Resent the request to Darci. She will respond tomorrow as she is out of the office. LH
1238 Closed 04/11/2017 send via Hightail. lh
1237 Closed 04/11/2017 Anjali Meyer emailed a link to Builders Exchange. LH
1236 Closed 04/11/2017 emailed notes. DD
1235 Closed 04/11/2017 4/11/17: Forwarded to Darci. MA Forwarded Darci's response to Patricia. lh
1234 Closed 04/11/2017 4/11/17: Forwarded to Darci. MA Forwarded Darci's response to Patricia. lh
1233 Closed 04/11/2017 emailed scanned site plan from file. lh
1232 Closed 04/11/2017 None
1231 Closed 04/11/2017 emailed requested plans. lh
1230 Closed 04/10/2017 Emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1229 Closed 04/10/2017 Emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1228 Pending 04/10/2017 4/10/17: sent new documents including 3-14-17 from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. No PW review is available at this time. lh
1227 Closed 04/10/2017 4/10/17: sent requested information from Trakit VIA HIGHTAIL. lh
1226 Closed 04/10/2017 None
1225 Closed 04/10/2017 4/10/17: sent requested information via HIGHTAIL. lh
1224 Closed 04/10/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1223 Closed 04/07/2017 None
1222 Closed 04/07/2017 Emailed archivist scan. lh
1221 Closed 04/07/2017 4/7/17: Emailed Dawn Flores for information about this request. LH 4/10/17: received response from Dawn. Requested documents have not been submitted yet. Forwarded the response to Mr. Carpenter. LH
1220 Closed 04/06/2017 4/6/17: forwarded request to Kurt Aldworth. LH Kurt is out of office till Monday, April 10th. Kurt has already spoken to Mr. Brunell's architect and relayed the information. LH
1219 Closed 04/06/2017 4/6/17: Emailed electronic copies of permits from TRAKIT. Asked if he would like to see hard copies of • BLD2006-00008 • BLD2005-00580 • BLD2006-00445 • BLD2005-00033 Waiting for response. LH 4/7/17: He will follow-up with to Kurt Aldworth on Monday. LH
1218 Closed 04/06/2017 emailed docs from TRAKIT. lh
1217 Closed 04/06/2017 emailed documents. LH
1216 Closed 04/04/2017 Provided copy of pre-app Notes. TH
1215 Closed 04/04/2017 4/5/17: ran an email search and downloaded. emailed Mayor for any responsive emails. lh 4/6/17: no responsive emails located. lh
1214 Closed 04/04/2017 4/4/17: Emailed documents. MA
1213 Closed 04/03/2017 4/4/17: emailed Mr. Eastman the PRA2014-00039 Trakit documents. Emailed David Pyle and Jeff Thomas on the modification. lh Contacted Mr. Eastman for clarification on his request. lh 4/10/17: sent a reminder email for clarification on this request. lh 4/10/17: Mr. Eastman replied that he is just interested in speaking with a planner on the timeline on this project. lh (put a request in to David Pyle)
1212 Closed 04/03/2017 4/6/17: downloaded copies of documents in TRAKIT. downloaded emails from OUTLOOK for review. LH 4/6/17: Sent TRAKIT docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
1211 Closed 04/03/2017 printed contact information. KJ
1210 Closed 04/03/2017 Parcel is in King County, not Sammamish. Responded to Ms. Kapise to check with KC. LH
1209 Closed 03/31/2017 Ordered DCD341 from Iron Mt. DCD389 is already on order for the Welch RUE. Due Friday, April 7th. LH 4/6/17: emailed that files are in Will Call. Lh 4/10/17: scanned file documents and sent via HIGHTAIL. lh 4/12/17: Sent Schultz RUE scanned docs and put all 3 RUE files at Will Call for him to review. lh
1208 Closed 04/01/2017 4/3/17: emailed contract to Mr. Conn. lh
1207 Closed 03/31/2017 3/31/17: placed order for DCD389 for Welch RUE 4/6/17: File in Will call drawer. contacted Mr. Welch. 4/7/17: Printed copies for Mr. Welch. lh
1206 Closed 03/30/2017 4 - 24" x 36" copies 15 8.5 x 11" copies
1205 Closed 03/30/2017 Site plan emailed. KJ
1204 Closed 03/31/2017 4/3/17: send documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh 4/6/17: Downloaded emails and started review. lh 4/6/17: sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. lh
1203 Closed 03/30/2017 emailed doc from Trakit. lh
1202 Closed 03/30/2017 4/3/17: emailed 2 of the last documents entered in TRAKIT. Will confirm if these are the documents requested. It was not clear in the request. LH 4/4/17: sent BLD2016-02187 and BLD2016-02177 docs since 10-01-16 via TRAKIT. LH the approval is still under review and will be available after 4/6/17. requested that Jason email a reminder at that time. LH 4/12/17: emailed correction letter from TRAKIT. LH
1201 Closed 03/30/2017 Iron Mt order: DCD217 - exhibits for HIGHLAND RIDGE. lh 3/31/17: contacted Laurie to let her know files will be delivered sometime the week of April 3rd - 7th. lh 4/6/17: scanned exhibits and emailed. LH 4/24/17: Wrong Exhibits sent. Ordered DCD137. Will scan and resend on Wednesday. lh
1200 Closed 03/29/2017 Emailed info from Asbuilt file for Klahanie - LH
1199 Closed 03/29/2017 emailed copy of TIR. lh
1198 Pending 03/29/2017 03/29/17: Updated request to include through 2006. Sent contract and amendment. MA 03/30/2017: Emailed request to Beth for assistance. MA 4/3/2017: Melonie A. emailed Mr. Sheehan an update and extended the request until April 28, 2017. LH 4/3/2017: Sent copies of City Clerk's file documents via Hightail. lh 4/6/17: sent 2nd installment of installment docs and emails via Hightail. lh 4/10/17: emailed link to Council meeting on website and sent emails for review to Kenyon-Disend. (assigned to Alexandra)
1197 Closed 03/28/2017 03/28/2017: Property constructed prior to incorporation Directed him to King County. MA
1196 Closed 03/28/2017 3/29/17: emailed requested documents from TRAKIT. lh
1195 Closed 03/28/2017 3/28/2017: Records in off-site storage. Informed him they would be available 4/3/17. MA 3/29/17: emailed plat map and stormwater asbuilts for Eltovar subdivision. lh 3/31/17: Emailed site plan. MA
1194 Closed 03/28/2017 Doug McI emailed the decision to him. lh
1193 Closed 03/24/2017 3/29/17: Property built in 1994 in KC. Referred to King County for asbuilt drawings. lh
1192 Closed 03/24/2017 3/29/17: sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
1191 Pending 03/24/2017 3-24-17: emailed Kelly the decisions and offered to retrieve boxes from Iron Mountain to search for the staff report. lh David Bricklin Bricklin & Newman, LLP 1424 Fourth Avenue, Suite 500 Seattle, WA 98101 1-206-264-8600 1-206-264-9300 (fax) Ordered: DCD 68 and 69, 71 and 80. 3/29/17: emailed Dave & Kelly that the files have arrived from storage and arranged a time to come to review them. lh 4/3/17: emailed reminder that file boxes are available for review. lh 4/10/17: Kelly emailed that she will be in this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon to start reviewing the files. lh 4/12/17: Ms. Kyes was in to review files. Requested numerous documents be scanned. 4/13/17: Sent requested scanned documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
1190 Closed 03/21/2017 sent via HIGHTAIL. RH
1189 Closed 03/21/2017 3/22/17: Internal search for BLD2004-00212. could not locate file at Iron Mt or in archivist scanned documents. Record of it in Blue bin spreadsheet. 3/24/17: Contacted by attorney Katherine Barr about files. Continued to search. 3/28/17: Sent Ms. Barr the other permit records from TRAKIT and signed a Decl. of Loss of file.
1188 Closed 03/22/2017 3/23/17: emailed doc from PW files. lh
1187 Closed 03/23/2017 3/23/17: Forwarded request to Darci. MA 3/24/17: No documents available. MA
1186 Closed 03/22/2017 3/23/2017: emailed to extend deadline to 3/31/2017. MA 3/30/17: emailed document from Kellye. LH
1185 Closed 03/22/2017 3/22/17: Ben sent documents. MA
1184 Closed 03/22/2017 3/23/2017: emailed to extend deadline to 3/31/2017. MA 3/29/17: sent info from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1183 Closed 03/17/2017 3-22-17: Amy K to make the copy. lh Completed and Ms. Purcell has been called. lh
1182 Closed 03/21/2017 3/21/17: Directed him to King County Dept. of Public Health. MA
1181 Closed 03/21/2017 3/21/17: Asked Ben to send plans to her. MA
1180 Closed 03/21/2017 03/21/17: Sent pdf downloaded from Parcel Viewer. Referred to King County for additional information. MA
1179 Closed 03/21/2017 3/23/17: Sent approved plans via email. MA
1178 Closed 03/21/2017 3/29/17: Requested clarification of the subdivision. Name or address. lh 3/31/17: responded to Drew's request. Send file docs via HIGHTAIL. The CESCL inspector reports are only available on the job site. LH 3/31/17: Request was forwarded to Public works for their response to Mr. Bowlds drainage problems and demands. Andrew Zagars to speak to Tom Tubbs and resolve the issues. LH
1177 Closed 03/20/2017 3/20/17: Directed her to King County Sheriff. MA
1176 Closed 03/20/2017 3/20/17: Asked Ryan if the documents are available. MA. Application was withdrawn. No documents available. MA.
1175 Closed 03/20/2017 3/20/17: Sent As-built 92-0200. MA
1174 Closed 03/20/2017 3/20/17: Asked Stephanie if she had any information on this. MA 3/21/17: Documents not available until after 3/23/17. Advised requester to resubmit after that date. MA
1173 Closed 03/17/2017 emailed info. BC
1172 Closed 03/17/2017 3/28/17: could not locate any permit activity on the requested parcels. lh (referred to KC for further search)
1171 Closed 03/17/2017 3/22/2017: Sent email extending time to 3/31/17. MA 3/28/17: emailed that no permit activity in TRAKIT for those parcels. referred to KC. lh
1170 Closed 03/16/2017 emailed document. RH
1169 Closed 03/17/2017 sent copy of letter. KJ
1168 Closed 03/16/2017 3/20/17: Sent link to website. MA
1167 Closed 03/16/2017 3-17-17: Preparing folders to download info from TRAKIT. LH 3/23/2017: Sent email extending date to 3/31/2017. MA 3/24/17: sent docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
1166 Closed 03/14/2017 3/23/2017: Extended deadline to 3/31/2017. MA 3/23/17: downloaded emails. LH
1165 Closed 03/16/2017 Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
1164 Closed 03/16/2017 3/20/17: Asked Kellye when comments would be available. MA 3/21/17: Documents will be available after 3/29/17. Advised to resubmit her request after that date. MA
1163 Closed 03/16/2017 3-17-17: No new records found in TRAKIT. lh 3/23/17: downloaded emails. lh 3/24/17: sent emails via Hightail. lh
1162 Closed 03/15/2017 3/15/17: sent docs via HIGHTAIL. LH
1161 Closed 03/14/2017 emailed docs from TRAKIT. Lh
1160 Closed 03/14/2017 3/14/17: Resent plans 03-0080 from last request. LH
1159 Closed 03/14/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
1158 Closed 03/14/2017 Sent files from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1157 Closed 03/13/2017 3/14/17: emailed plan set. lh 3/14/17: sent approved construction plans. lh
1156 Closed 03/13/2017 3-13-17: emailed request to Finance Dept. LH 3/14/17: Emailed Mr. Prouty for clarification on this request. LH 3/14/17: emailed Mr. Prouty that Finance should have the information by Friday, March 17th. lh 3/17/17: Received docs from Marlene and emailed. lh
1155 Closed 03/13/2017 emailed copy of Civil plan set. lh
1154 Closed 03/10/2017 Sent info from TRAKIT and emails searched from Outlook. LH
1153 Closed 03/08/2017 emailed GIS data. BC
1152 Closed 03/10/2017 emailed copy of presentation. LH
1151 Closed 03/10/2017 emailed copy of HE decision. LH
1150 Closed 03/10/2017 3/10/17: emailed plat map. suggested he try KC for any construction plans. LH
1149 Closed 03/08/2017 Sent files via HIGHTAIL. lh
1148 Closed 03/08/2017 3/8/17: forwarded to Steven Chen for response. LH 3/9/17: Cheryl Paston will respond to requestor. LH 3/22/17: Cheryl's response: Our traffic engineer is on vacation but as far as I know, the most comprehensive list of information we have regarding street lights in the city are in the file Lita sent. We do not have it in a spreadsheet but you should be able to easily export the data into Excel. When viewed in ArcGIS, you will see on which street each light is located. In addition, it was noted that most of the street lights are owned by Puget Sound Energy so you will need to contact them for the information you’ve requested.
1147 Closed 03/07/2017 emailed plat map but she is looking for a detailed house plans. House built in 1999 so referred her to KC. Depending on when it was finaled they may have the plans. LH
1146 Closed 03/07/2017 emailed requested doc. lh
1145 Closed 03/02/2017 emailed link to: Bid documents can be obtained, free of charge, by going to and clicking on Posted Projects, Public Works, City of Sammamish and projects bidding.
1144 Closed 03/06/2017 Sent document via HIGHTAIL. lh
1143 Closed 03/06/2017 Jim Grueber emailed the summary report from Fish and Wildlife’s site visit last week. He stated that Perteet is working on updating their critical areas report to reflect the field visit.
1142 Closed 03/06/2017 David Pyle emailed links to the website docs. lh
1141 Closed 03/06/2017 emailed timeline from Beth Goldberg and links to website. lh
1140 Closed 03/05/2017 sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1139 Closed 03/03/2017 emailed requested docs from TRAKIT. lh
1138 Closed 03/02/2017 sent list via email. KJ
1137 Closed 03/03/2017 Provided requested pages. TH
1136 Closed 03/03/2017 emailed documents. JG
1135 Closed 03/03/2017 emailed requested documents. lh
1134 Closed 03/03/2017 emailed report. lh
1133 Closed 03/02/2017 Left the requested files in Will Call. lh 3/7/17: Mr. Morel reviewed the files and received a copy of a site plan. TH
1132 Closed 03/02/2017 Sent asbuilt plans via Hightail. LH
1131 Closed 03/01/2017 emailed docs from Trakit. LH
1130 Closed 03/01/2017 no new permit application at this time. lh
1129 Closed 03/01/2017 emailed site plan. lh
1128 Closed 02/14/2017 emailed report. TH
1127 Closed 03/01/2017 emailed requested documents. lh
1126 Closed 02/28/2017 2/28/17: Checking to see if Kevin gave him all the information that he needs. MA 3/1/2017: sent information from TRAKIT. lh
1125 Closed 02/28/2017 3/1/17: sent requested documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1124 Closed 02/28/2017 3/1/17: Haim S. will review copy of TIR to determine if it is the final version. LH 3/1/17: Scanned paper copy and sent via HIGTAIL LH
1123 Pending 02/28/2017 3/1/17: responded to Paddy that this request will be fulfilled in 3 weeks, by March 22nd. LH 3/24/17: emailed HELPDESK for a status update on the recordings. LH
1122 Closed 02/28/2017 2/28/17: emailed request to Tawni Dalziel. lh emailed document relating to request. LH
1121 Closed 02/25/2017 2/24/17: Home constructed prior to incorporation. Directed her to King County. MA
1120 Closed 02/24/2017 emailed requested documents. lh
1119 Closed 02/14/2017 emailed information. DD
1118 Closed 02/16/2017 2/24/17: No SEPA required. MA
1117 Closed 02/24/2017 sent documents requested via Hightail. lh
1116 Closed 02/23/2017 Brock McNairy sent plans via HIGHTAIL
1115 Closed 02/22/2017 Made requested copies.
1114 Closed 02/23/2017 Forwarded request to Parks & Rec for information. lh Shelby Upton sent an email response. lh
1113 Closed 02/23/2017 Sent plan set from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lh
1112 Closed 02/23/2017 2/23/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1111 Closed 02/16/2017 Beth Carpenter will be sending the information once access has been restored. LH
1110 Closed 02/17/2017 emailed information. MA
1109 Closed 02/22/2017 Scanned file and emailed. lh
1108 Closed 02/22/2017 emailed copy. lh
1107 Closed 02/22/2017 No permit has been submitted yet. kj
1106 Closed 02/21/2017 No stormwater plans for 210th Ave NE. Sent plans in the vicinity. lh
1105 Closed 02/17/2017 Bld2013-02208 and 2013-02209
1104 Closed 02/17/2017 2/23/17: Sent requested files via HIGHTAIL. MA.
1103 Closed 02/17/2017 sent first questions to PW stormwater. lh 2/24/17: forwarded response from Tawni Dalziel. lh
1102 Closed 02/21/2017 Ordered DCD115 and DCD116 from Iron Mt. lh Sent scanned plan set via HIGHTAIL. lh
1101 Closed 02/22/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
1100 Closed 02/17/2017 Provided requested copies. TH
1099 Closed 02/20/2017 2/23/17: Home built prior to incorporation. Directed her to King County. MA
1098 Closed 02/18/2017 02/23/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1097 Closed 02/17/2017 2/17/17: Emailed requested documents. MA
1096 Closed 02/17/2017 2/17/17: Emailed scanned copy of permit. MA
1095 Closed 02/16/2017 2/17/17: Directed requester to water/sewer districts. MA.
1094 Closed 02/16/2017 2/23/2017: Emailed requested documents related to parcel #1825069082. No documents found for 5017 192nd Pl NE. Referred him to King County as house was constructed prior to incorporation. MA
1093 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Requested clarification on which pre app they want information for. MA 2/15/17: Sent all pre app documents for this parcel. MA
1092 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Sent plan set via email.
1091 Closed 02/15/2017 2/15/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
1090 Closed 02/15/2017 Forwarded to Steven Chen for a response. LH 2/24/17: Received information from Steven and forwarded to Mr. Roth. LH
1089 Closed 02/15/2017 Resent the files via HIGHTAIL. lh
1088 Closed 02/07/2017 2/13/17: House built prior to incorporation. Directed them to King County. MA
1087 Closed 02/13/2017 Emailed BLD2015-02778 and Recorded Lake Vista Driveway plans. DD
1086 Closed 02/13/2017 sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1085 Pending 02/13/2017 2/13/17: Emailed attorneys for advice on this request. lh 2/14/17: Sent Dimitriy a 5-day response email. lh (3 weeks, March 7) 2/23/17: Sent emails to Dimitriy via HIGHTAIL. Sent confidential emails to Kenyon Disend. MA 2/24/17: Alexandra will review and return by 4/3/17.
1084 Closed 02/06/2017 emailed report. th
1083 Closed 02/13/2017 emailed. th
1082 Closed 02/13/2017 emailed docs. LH
1081 Closed 02/13/2017 Unable to locate the requested docs in the Archivist Scans folder. emailed copies of later building permits BLD2005-00829 and BLD2008-0311. lh
1080 Closed 02/13/2017 Sent docs via HIGHTAIL. lh
1079 Closed 02/09/2017 Provided file to view. no copies
1078 Closed 02/10/2017 Emailed. lh
1077 Closed 02/10/2017 Emailed the document requested. lh
1076 Closed 02/10/2017 2/10/17: forwarded to GIS team for a response. lh No update is available at this time. lh 2/13/17: emailed link to report on KC website. lh
1075 Closed 02/09/2017 2-10-17: Scanned floor plans and sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1074 Closed 02/09/2017 2/23/17: Sent request to Dawn F. for clarification regarding submittal. MA. 2/24/17: No documents available. Referred her to Dee Warrens if she has further questions. MA
1073 Closed 02/09/2017 2/9/2017: Home constructed prior to 1999. Directed her to King County. MA
1072 Closed 02/09/2017 2/10/17: Directed Sarah to the Service Portal for a Permit Search. lh
1071 Closed 02/09/2017 2/10/17: Plans have been destroyed. (6 month policy) Scanned the permit file and sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1070 Closed 02/08/2017 2/8/17: Asked Shelby to email documents or direct me to where I can find them. MA 2/9/17: Emailed documents provided by Shelby. MA
1069 Closed 02/08/2017 Sent File via HIGHTAIL. MAN
1068 Closed 02/08/2017 2/8/17: downloaded emails from Outlook. 2/9/17: emailed Councilmembers Odell, Malchow and Huckabay for emails from their home computers. 2/9/17: emailed a 5-Day Response letter to Mr. Hamilton and gave a date on completion on February 22, 2017. 2/23/17: sent reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL and confidential emails to attorneys for review. lh (Alex K. confirmed return date of March 24 for review) 3/24/17: sent final emails from attorney review to Scott via HIGHTAIL. lh
1067 Closed 02/06/2017 emailed document. lh
1066 Closed 02/03/2017 emailed a copy of the report. LO
1065 Closed 02/03/2017 Darci emailed a report from TRAKIT. lh
1064 Closed 01/25/2017 provided requested copies. TH
1063 Closed 02/01/2017 None
1062 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Informed him that the City does not track this type of information, and he would have to review land use files. MA
1061 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Explained there was no way to identify requested documents. Asked if she would like to come in and review files to find relevant documents. MA
1060 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: No documents provided. Explained that city uses an real estate appraisal company.
1059 Closed 02/03/2017 2/3/17: Advised her to come and view the preliminary subdivision files. MA
1058 Closed 02/03/2017 Sent requested documents via HIGHTAIL. MA
1057 Closed 02/02/2017 2/2/17: Contacted Mike Kenyon about a list of lawsuits. lh 2/8/2017: Received list from Mike Kenyon and forwarded to Mr. Mayhall
1056 Closed 02/01/2017 Could not locate house plans for 2003 remodel. lh Advised to check with KC for original plans. lh
1055 Closed 02/01/2017 Sent via Hightail
1054 Closed 02/01/2017 sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
1053 Closed 02/01/2017 2/1/17: Emailed PW and Planning for any information they may have. lh 2/1/17: Haim did not have any documents relating to this request. lh 2/3/17: Received a plan from Emily which was forwarded to Mr. Taylor. lh
1052 Closed 01/31/2017 1/31/17: Emailed documents. MA
1051 Closed 01/31/2017 2/1/17: Sent Trakit docs and put files in Will Call for review. Emailed Mr. Way. lh 2/2/17: Mr. Way came in and reviewed the files. lh
1050 Closed 01/30/2017 None
1049 Closed 01/30/2017 None
1048 Closed 01/27/2017 1/30/17: Janie J. emailed requested docs. LH
1047 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: Ms. Bertand was in the office to review various files. Requested PDF copies sent to her by Stephanie S. lh
1046 Closed 01/26/2017 1/30/2017: No new documents in Trakit. Checking with Sung to make sure nothing else has been submitted. MA 1/30/2017: Sung confirmed no new documents. MA
1045 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: last request was on 12/20/16. lh 1/30/17: emailed latest docs from trakit. lh 1/30/17: downloaded emails from eDiscovery. lh 1/30/17: emailed info to Mr. Loucks. lh
1044 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: sent as-built docs available via HIGHTAIL. lh
1043 Closed 01/30/2017 1/30/17: Emailed building permit file. MA
1042 Closed 01/30/2017 Sent plans from near-by area via HIGHTAIL. lh
1041 Closed 01/27/2017 1/31/17: emailed documents from TRAKIT. lh
1040 Closed 01/20/2017 None
1039 Closed 01/30/2017 Sent files from TRAKIT relating to Dalton Park aka 223rd Assemblage. lh
1038 Closed 01/30/2017 2/3/17: emailed Mr. Taylor that the City does not have any documents relating to his request. lh
1037 Closed 01/30/2017 Emailed Preliminary Plat decision and Order denying reconsideration. lh
1036 Closed 01/29/2017 1/31/17: no list exists. unable to fulfil the request. lh
1035 Closed 01/28/2017 1/30/17: Emailed link to Mr. Bretl for Redford Ranch road and stormwater plans. lh
1034 Closed 01/27/2017 emailed link to all electronic documents in TRAKIT for SSDP2016-00415 Segment 2B
1033 Closed 01/27/2017 None
1032 Pending 01/26/2017 1-27-2017: emailed Parks Dept. for assistance with this request. lh 1/30/17: emailed a 5-day response. lh 1/31/17: sent emails to Kenyon Disend for review. lh 2/1/17: sent file documents and emails via HIGHTAIL. lh 3/2/17: Alex Kenyon emailed that review will need more time. (April 6th)
1031 Closed 01/26/2017 Sent asbuilt plans as requested via HIGHTAIL. lh
1030 Closed 01/26/2017 Sent electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
1029 Closed 01/26/2017 1/31/17: No list exists. Unable to fulfil. lh
1028 Closed 01/24/2017 1/25/2017: Referred her to website for meeting materials. HIGHTAILED audio files for 4/2, 4/16, 5/7, 7,17. Unable to locate 10/1 audio. Have sent request for help to IT. MA. 1/27/17: Debbie Beadle clarified that there were no audio tapes for the later part of 2009 through 2011. 1/30/17: Requested DCD 498 from storage as it contains the packet material. MA 2/1/17: Scanned contents of 10/1/09 PC meeting and emailed. MA 2/3/17: Scanned contents of 4/16, 5/7/6/16 and sent via HIGHTAIL. Directed her to the website for 4/16 and 4/21 MA
1027 Closed 01/25/2017 None
1026 Closed 01/25/2017 None
1025 Closed 01/25/2017 1/30/17: Emailed KC assessor info, plans for neighboring parcels and sensitive areas map. lh
1024 Closed 01/25/2017 1/25/17: sent requested documents via Hightail and stated that emails are currently being reviewed. Once complete they will be sent via HIGHTAIL. lh
1023 Closed 01/23/2017 10-25-17: sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
1022 Closed 01/25/2017 1/25/17: Downloaded search from eDiscovery. lh 1/30/17: Review of emails. Emailed Ms. Thorne with an update. lh 1/31/17: Send confidential emails to City Attorney for review. MA 1/31/17: Sent reviewed emails to Ms. Thorne. LH 3/8/17: Received final reviewed emails from Kenyon Disend and forwarded them to Ms. Thorne. LH
1021 Closed 01/24/2017 None
1020 Closed 01/24/2017 1/23/2017: Forwarded Request to Darci. No documents found in TRAKIT. MA 1/24/2017: Request clarification if he was wanting demo records or construction records. MA 1/30/17: Sent files via email. MA.
1019 Closed 01/24/2017 1/23/17: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL.
1018 Closed 01/23/2017 Sent docs from Trakit via HIGHTAIL. lha
1017 Closed 01/20/2017 Provided information. MM
1016 Closed 01/20/2017 sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh 2/13/2017: Resent the link to documents as requested. lh
1015 Closed 01/18/2017 1/18/17: Sent As-Built via HIGHTAIL. MA
1014 Closed 01/12/2017 Viewed file. NO copies
1013 Closed 01/18/2017 No deck permit available in TRAKIT. LH could be with KC.
1012 Closed 01/17/2017 1/18/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
1011 Closed 01/17/2017 send electronic documents from TRAKIT via Hightail. lh
1010 Closed 01/17/2017 emailed documents relating to request. PRA2015-00145 & PRA2014-00037
1009 Closed 01/17/2017 1/17/2017: Forwarded to Finance for response. MA 1/18/2017: Sent 5-day letter. Deadline set for February 1. MA 1/25: Provided documents. MA
1008 Closed 01/17/2017 Forwarded to Parks for response. LH 1/19/17: Parks forwarded the documents which were sent to Mr. Brainard. lh 1/20/17: need additional documents from IRON mt. DCD209 and DCD210. LH 1/31/17: Emailed Mr. Brainard some scanned docs from the archived files. lh
1007 Closed 01/17/2017 1/17/17: requested assistance from PW and emailed Mr. Mayhall a 5-day response letter. Need to respond by January 31st. LH 1/25/17: Invited him to come a look at the recorded documents file. MA 1/30/17: Asked Kellye Hilde to provide the files on the Boys & Girls Club condemnation. MA 2/2/17: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL. lh
1006 Closed 01/15/2017 Emailed a list of available permits and requested if any are what he is interested in. LH 1/18/17: emailed digital copies of permits from TRAKIT. LH
1005 Closed 01/12/2017 emailed copies of plan sets for Flynn and Irongate preliminary subdivision. LH
1004 Closed 01/12/2017 plans sent via Hightail. lh
1003 Closed 01/12/2017 1/17/17: Left message that boxes were here to review. Said she would be in Monday. MA 1/25/17: Requested incorrect plat, she will speak to Emily A. and clarify request for Camden Park. 1/30/17: Emily contacted Jolie and will meet with her to review the Camden Park Annexation file. MA
1002 Closed 01/11/2017 emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
1001 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGTAIL. lh
1000 Closed 01/11/2017 Emailed meeting notes for FEAS2017-00006
999 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh
998 Closed 01/10/2017 1/10/17: Nothing in TRAKIT. Checking with Kellye. MA 1/10/17: Files sent via HIGHTAIL. MA
997 Closed 01/10/2017 emailed memo received from Lindsey Ozbolt. LH
996 Closed 01/11/2017 Sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. lh 1/17/17: Sent additional documents relating to Parcel # 856290-1790. Ordered DCD432 RUE Zhuo from Iron Mt. LH 1/18/17: sent BLD2014-00905 Permit info via TRAKIT. Lh 1/20/17: Ms. Darnell was in to review the files from Iron Mt. LH
995 Closed 01/10/2017 emailed permit details from TRAKIT
994 Closed 01/10/2017 Files available in Will Call. Called Mr. Cross. LH
993 Closed 01/10/2017 Forwarded request to Tawni Dalziel. MA Replied to Mr. Marx with the information requested. LH
992 Closed 01/10/2017 Forwarded to Stephanie Sullivan, PW Dev Rev Engineer.
991 Closed 01/09/2017 None
990 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Requested assistance from the permit center. lh 1/9/17: Ran 2 reports in TRAKIT and received Tree Report from Missy. LH
989 Closed 01/06/2017 1-6-17: emailed the plat map and referred her to King County records for any additional plans. Home built before incorporation. LH
988 Closed 12/29/2016 12/29/16: Tammi emailed document. MA
987 Closed 01/05/2017 1/6/17: Sent Title Report via HIGHTAIL. MA
986 Closed 01/05/2017 Missy emailed info from TRAKIT
985 Closed 12/29/2016 Lindsey Ozbolt: If you wish to meet next Friday, January 6, 2017, I am available from 2 to 2:30pm. Please let me know if this time will work for you. Additionally, please find attached the plan set you requested.
984 Closed 01/04/2017 emailed copy of signed decision. LH
983 Closed 01/04/2017 1/4/17: forwarded from Emily A. LH 1/6/17: emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH
982 Closed 01/05/2017 sent files via email
981 Closed 01/06/2017 Printed info from TRAKIT
980 Closed 12/21/2016 12/21/16: Tony email documents. MA
979 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: emailed Diane the asbuilts we do have in that vicinity. Nothing at the exact location. LH 1/6/17: sent 2 plan sets for area south of request via HIGHTAIL. LH
978 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: replied to request that files are in off-site storage. Can order next week for a Friday delivery. LH Need DCD 523 and DCD 518 - Defur Short Plat 1/17/17: sent Defur TIR via Hightail and notified Kristi that files are available for viewing. LH 1/20/17: Ms. Jenkins reviewed files and requested they remain available until Friday, Jan. 27th.
977 Closed 01/06/2017 1/5/17: Emailed for clarification of which contract she was looking for. MA 1/9/17: Withdrew request. MA
976 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Emailed plan set. MA
975 Closed 01/06/2017 1-6-17: sent documents from TRAKIT. lh
974 Closed 01/06/2017 1/6/17: Emailed Documents. MA
973 Closed 01/05/2017 Sent requested documents via Hightail from TRAKIT. LH
972 Closed 01/05/2017 Sent geo-tech reports via HIGHTAIL. LH & MA
971 Closed 01/05/2017 None