Stormwater Outreach Advisory Committee


“An Advisory Committee is composed of people with a genuine interest in your work and a desire to see it do well. Your Advisory Committee members serve as a sounding board, offering ideas and expertise and giving you honest advice. More than anyone else, they will be on your side. They will be people with no axe to grind who want to listen to you and advise you. Above all, they’ll want to contribute to your organizations well-being.”

- Susan Ward


Like many regions in the country, Sammamish is experiencing growth in population and accompanying development. The result of this increase in growth has led to the need to increase stormwater quality education.  


To successfully manage stormwater issues, the City is interested in involving community members to solicit input and to work together to promote stormwater education through cost efficient and effective approaches. Advise – Assist – Advocate.   


The committee shall consist of up to 7 members.  The membership will consist of a City staff member as chair; with remaining membership to be comprised of citizens and City staff. Membership should include likeminded individuals having passion for their City, their environment, and public outreach. Yet, incorporate a dynamic of diversity with opinions and experience.


The committee’s primary function is to promote stormwater management education through brainstorming, planning, feedback, and community networking. The committee members will help to provide creative ideas and innovative tools to help guide the City’s outreach efforts. Committee meetings will be quarterly or as needed.


The committee will serve as a structure for keeping stakeholders and community members informed and connected, while providing informed input as new programs, plans or activities develop.


The goals and resulting outcomes of this Stormwater Outreach Advisory Committee are to engage and utilize stakeholders and citizens of the community to educate and provide resources about stormwater quality within the City of Sammamish.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Stormwater Outreach Advisory Committee please contact Lisa Werre.

Staff Contact