A vision statement is an aspirational description of the future that the City is trying to achieve through its plans and actions. For this Comprehensive Plan, the vision statement should use words to paint
a picture of the City of Sammamish in 2035.

The City’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan contains a vision statement that served as a good starting place for reviewing and considering an updated vision to 2035. Citizens were asked what they value about Sammamish and helped to identify priorities for the future.

Recognizing that, 20 years in the future, today’s youth will be adults, middle and high school students also participated in helping to prioritize ideas for what Sammamish should be like in 2035. The City Council and Planning Commission reviewed these findings and used this information to develop the updated vision for the City. 

Sammamish is a vibrant bedroom community blessed with a well-preserved natural environment, a family-friendly, kid-safe culture, and unrivaled connectedness.

From its expanding tree canopy, to its peaceful neighborhoods, to its multi-modal transportation resources, Sammamish captures the best of the past even as it embraces a burgeoning digital future and meets housing affordability through balanced, sustainable housing.

It is a state-of-the art community—engaged, responsive and generous in its support for the full range of human endeavor.