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Adopted Ordinances

O2014-365: Moratorium on Processing Permits for Temporary Homeless Encampments
O2013-364: Interim Option for Extending Temporary Use Permits
O2013-363: Amending Sammamish Comprehensive Plan Element 5 Transportation
O2013-362: Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Facilities
O2013-361: Moratorium on Collective Marijuana Gardens
O2013-360: 2014 Tax Levy Rate
O2013-359: 2013/2014 Budget Amendment
O2013-358: Street Vacation of a Portion of SE 32nd Street
O2013-357: Street Vacation on a Portion of SE 28th Street
O2013-356: Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2013-355: Lake Washington School District Impact Fees
O2013-354: Snoqualmie Valley School District Impact Fees
O2013-353: Hours of Construction Amendment
O2013-352: Relating to Hearing Examiner Time Periods
O2013-351: Adding Antiharassment Protection Order
O2013-350: Environmentally Critical Areas Code Update
O2013-349: Marijuana Related Facilities Moratorium
O2013-348: Collective Medical Marijuana Gardens Moratorium
O2013-347: Environmentally Critical Areas Sunset Provision Extension
O2013-346: JA Huvinen Street Vacation
O2013-345: Building and Construction Code Updates
O2013-344: Impound Regulations Amended
O2013-343: 2013-2013 Budget Amendment
O2013-342: Usage of Parks Impact Fees
O2013-341: Usage of Street Impact Fees
O2012-340: Collective Gardens Moratorium Extension
O2012-339: Impact Fee Payment Deferral Extension
O2012-338: Environmentally Critical Areas Sunset Clause Extension
O2012-337: 2013 - 2014 Biennial Budget
O2012-336: 2013 Tax Levy Rate
O2012-335: Street Vacation 225th Avenue SE South of SE 32nd Street
O2012-334: Surface Water System Development Charges Rate Increase
O2012-333: Second Quarter of Real Estate Excise Tax Usage
O2012-332: 2013 Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2012-331: 2013 Lake Washington School District Impact Fees
O2012-330: 2013 Snoqualmie Valley Impact Fees
O2012-329: Solicitor's License Amendment
O2012-328: Collective Gardens Moratorium Extension
O2012-327: Home Business Regulations
O2012-326: Comprehensive Plan Amendments including specific chapters of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan
O2012-325: 2012 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Updated
O2012-324: Repealing Section 8.05 of Sammamish Municipal Code
O2012-323: Consolidating Parking Regulations into a Single Title in the Municipal Code
O2012-322: Solicitor Regulations
O2012-321: Wireless Facilities Code Amendments
O2012-320: Collective Garden Moratorium Extension
O2011-319: 2011 - 2012 Budget Revisions
O2011-318: 2012 Property Tax Levy Rate
O2011-317: Cottage Housing Pilot Program
O2011-316: Amending Accessory Dwelling Units and Duplexes Regulations
O2011-315: Amending Sunset Clause for Environmentally Critical Areas
O2011-314: 2012 Impact Fees for Issaquah School District
O2011-313: 2012 Impact Fees for Lake Washington School District
O2011-312: 2012 Impact Fees for Snoqualmie Valley School District
O2011-311: Amending Terms for the Planning, Parks and Arts Commissions
O2011-310: Transfer of Development Rights Amendments to Regulations
O2011-309: Emergency Moratorium Prohibiting Collective Gardens For Medical Marijuana
O2011-308: Shoreline Master Plan as Amended 07/18/2011
O2011-307: Authorizing the Extension of Reasonable Use and Commercial Site Development Permits
O2011-306: Short Plat Approval
O2011-305: Fund Raising Sign Regulations
O2011-304: Title 13 Surface Water Management
O2011-303: Amending the 2011-2012 City Budget
O2011-302: Adopting a New Title 23 Code Compliance
O2011-301: Recreation Center Access Road Condemnation
O2011-300: Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Regulations
O2011-299: Authorizing Professional Office Uses in R-12 and R-18 Zones and amending standards regarding animals
O2011-298: Wireless Code Amendments
O2011-297: Transfer of Development Density Credits Regulations
O2011-296: Amending Sign Regulations to Allow for Fundraising Signs in Rights of Way
O2010-295: Repealing Ordinance which amended 2009-2010 Budget
O2010-294: Delay of Payment of Impact Fees Extension
O2010-293: Town Center Development Regulations Adopting Ordinance
O2010-292: 2011-2012 Biennial Budget
O2010-291: 2010 Snoqualmie Valley School District Impact Fees
O2010-290: 2010 Lake Washington School District Impact Fees
O2010-289: 2010 Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2010-288: Amending 2009-2010 Budget
O2010-287: 2011 Tax Levy Rate
O2010-286: Amending Setbacks
O2010-285: Right of Way Use Permits
O2010-284: Replacing Title 19 (Subdivisions) With A Revised Title 19A (Land Division)
O2010-283: Building Code Title 16
O2010-282: Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Update
O2010-281: Siting of Wirerless Communication Facilities
O2010-280: Aldarra Estates Montaine Subdivision Annexation
O2010-279: Public Facilities Code Amendment
O2010-278: Administerial Adjustment of Setbacks
O2010-277: Thomas Alexander Road Street Vacation
O2010-276: Equipment Rental Fund Creation
O2010-275: Annexation of Ravenhill (Formerly Marivaux) Subdivision
O2009-274: Critical Areas Code Amendment Regarding Sunset Date
O2009-273: 2009-2010 Revised Biennial Budget
O2009-272: 2010 Tax Levy Rate
O2009-271: 2009 School Impact Fees for Snoqualmie Valley School District
O2009-270: 2009 School Impact Fees for Lake Washington School District
O2009-269: 2009 School Impact Fees for Issaquah School District
O2009-268: Extension of Emergency Wireless Amendments
O2009-267: Park and Recreation Commission Term Modifications
O2009-266: Pilot Program for Electronic Reader Board Signs
O2009-265: Shoreline Master Plan Update
O2009-264: Ordinance Amending the City's Critical Areas
O2009-263: Ordinance pymnt of impact fees 7-15-09 - staffrevisions.
O2009-262: Rosemont Annexation
O2009-261: Rosemont 60% Petition
O2009-260: Credit card ordinance update
O2009-259: Emergency Ordinance Wireless Communications
O2009-258: Sign Code
O2009-257: Budget Adjustment 2009-2010
O2009-256: Camden Park Annexation Confirmation
O2009-255: Dog Leash Change
O2009-254: Wireless Emergency Amendment
O2009-253: Permit Timeline
O2009-252: 244th Condemnation
O2009-251: SEPA Amendments
O2009-250: Erosion Hazards Near Sensitive Water Bodies: Overlay
O2009-249: Minor Code Amendments
O2009-248: Code Interpretation
O2008-247: Construction Hours Modification
O2008-246: Annexation Camden Park
O2008-245: 2007 - 2008 Budget Adjustments
O2008-244: 2009 Tax Levy Rate
O2008-243: 2009-2010 City Budget
O2008-242: Water Sewer Franchise Sammamish Plateau
O2008-241: Water Sewer Franchise NE Sammamish
O2008-240: Historic Preservation Ordinance
O2008-239: Wireless Code Amendment - Emergency
O2008-238: Lake Washington School District Impact Fees 2008
O2008-237: Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2008-236: Low Impact Development Regulations
O2008-235: Proposition 2 - Levy Lid Lift 7-15-08
O2008-234: Proposition 1 - Park Bond 7-15-08
O2008-233: Arts Commission Alternate Members
O2008-232: Town Center Land Use 2008 - Revised
O2008-231: Emergency Ordinance Renewal RDI Zoning R4 to R8
O2008-230: Emergency Ordinance Renewal Wireless
O2008-229: Potential Annexation Area Zoning Map
O2008-228: Comprehensive Plan Amendment PAA
O2008-227: Comprehensive Plan Amendment Kaschko Zoning Map
O2008-226: 2008 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Kaschko
O2008-225: 2007 - 2008 Budget Amendments
O2008-224: Street Vacation Old Beaver Lake Drive
O2007-223: Emergency Wireless Ordinance
O2007-222: Adjusted 2007 - 2008 Budget
O2007-221: 2008 Property Tax Levy
O2007-220: Amending Planning Commission Terms
O2007-219: RDI Zoning R4 to R8
O2007-218: 2007 Impact Fees Lake Washington School District
O2007-217: 2007 Impact Fees Issaquah School District
O2007-216: Arts Commission Alternate Members
O2007-215: Paschal Street Vacation
O2007-214: 2007 I Code Amendments
O2007-213: Allied Waste Contact Amendments
O2007-212: BLMD Interest and Penalties
O2006-211: 2007 Tax Levy Rate
O2006-210: 2007-2008 Budget Adoption
O2006-209: 2005-2006 Budget Adjustments
O2006-208: Concurrency and Street Impact Fees Ordinance
O2006-207: Park Impact Fees
O2006-206: SMC 14A.05.010 Impact Fee Definitions
O2006-205: Comprehensive Plan Amendments regarding Impact Fees
O2006-204: Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Disposal Services with Waste Management Sno-King
O2006-203: Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Disposal Services with Allied Waste Management
O2006-202: 2006 School Impact Fees for Issaquah School District
O2006-201: 2006 School Impact Fees for Lake Washington School District
O2006-200: Repealing Section 24.15.070 of Sammamish Municipal Code Regarding Potential Annexation Areas
O2006-199: Comprehensive Plan Amendment Potential Annexation Areas Map
O2006-198: Town Center Moratorium Extension
O2006-197: Creating Beaver Lake Management District #1
O2006-196: Repeal of Growth Phasing
O2006-195: Amending DUI/Suspended License Fees
O2006-194: Town Center Moratorium Amending Ordinance O2005-185
O2005-193: Critical Areas Regulations
O2005-192: 2005 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
O2005-191: Amending the Public Works Standards
O2005-190: Strategic Reserve Fund
O2005-189: 2006 Tax Levy Rate
O2005-188: Budget Adjustments
O2005-187: 2005 Lake Washington School District Impact Fees
O2005-186: 2005 Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2005-185: Town Center Moratorium Amendment
O2005-184: Puget Sound Energy Electric Franchise Extension
O2005-183: Growth Phasing
O2005-182: Town Center Moratorium
O2005-181: Wireless Communication Facilities
O2005-180: Temporary Political Signs and Community Banners
O2005-179: Planning Commission Appointments
O2005-178: PLTAR Condemnation
O2005-177: Peddler License
O2005-176: Fireworks Ban
O2005-175: Tree Retention Amendment
O2005-174: Density Amendments
O2005-173: ISD Fiber Optic Franchise
O2005-172: CAO Amendments
O2005-171: Park Structures in Setbacks
O2005-170: Utility Yards
O2005-169: Moratorium Extension
O2005-168: No Hunting Amendment
O2005-167: Motorized Foot Scooters
O2004-166: No Hunting
O2004-165: Model Rocket Motor Storage
O2004-164: Prohibit Compression Brake Use
O2004-163: 2004 Budget Adjustment
O2004-162: Comp Plan Amendments
O2004-161: 2005 Property Tax Levy Rate
O2004-160: 2005-2006 Budget Ordinance
O2004-159: LWSD 2005 Impact Fees
O2004-158: ISD 2005 Impact Fees
O2004-157: LWSD Fiber Optic Franchise
O2004-156: Moratorium Extension
O2004-155: Storm Drainage Landscaping
O2004-154: Residential Recreation Space
O2004-153: Bulletin Board City Hall
O2004-152: Amend Criminal Code
O2004-151: Pre-Application Neighborhood Meetings
O2004-150: Type 1 SEPA
O2004-149: Tree Diameter
O2004-148: International Bldg Codes
O2004-147: Inattentive Driving
O2004-146: Fireworks Civil Penalty
O2004-145: Surplus Property Amendment to Code
O2004-144: Repeal SMC Chapter 2.25
O2004-143: Amending Effective Date for Setbacks
O2004-142: Wireless Placement
O2004-141: Moratorium Cell Towers
O2004-140: Amending Impact Fee
O2004-139: Concurrency
O2004-138: Concurrency Definitions
O2004-137: Bond Reduction
O2004-136: Impact Fee
O2004-135: Moratorium Extension
O2003-134: Revolving Line of Credit
O2003-133: Amending the 2003-2004 Biennial Budget
O2003-132: Development Regulations
O2003-131: Adopting the Sammamish Municipal Code
O2003-130: Sammamish Comprehensive Plan
O2003-129: 2004 Issaquah School District Impact Fees
O2003-128: Sammamish Arts Commission
O2003-127: Land Use Moratorium
O2003-126: Revisions to the city's business license requirements
O2003-125: Fire Lanes
O2003-124: Prohibiting External Combustion Engines on Pine Lake
O2003-123: Amending Impound Regulations
O2003-122: City Planning Commission
O2003-121: Municipal Judge
O2003-120: Land Use Moratorium
O2003-119: Motor vehicle gross weight restrictions on certain portions of 212th Way SE
O2002-118: Business License Requirements
O2002-117: Amending the 2001-2002 Budget
O2002-116: 2003-2004 Budgets
O2002-115: Levying of taxes
O2002-114: Master Fee Schedule
O2002-113: Beaver Lake Management District No. 1
O2002-112: Surface water system development charge
O2002-111: School Impact Fees
O2002-110: Taxis businesses and drivers
O2002-109: Hearing examiner authority to hear fire and building code appeals
O2002-108: Uniform plumbing code
O2002-107: False security alarms
O2002-106: Moratorium Development
O2002-105: Noise
O2002-104: Contracting indebtedness
O2002-103: City traffic engineer
O2002-102: Street widening project on 228th Avenue SE/NE
O2002-101: Three alternate commission members to the Park and Recreation Commission
O2002-100: Delinquent annual special assessments for Beaver Lake Management District No. 1.
O2002-99: Department Directors Salary Range
O2002-98: Land use and zoning
O2001-97: Adjusting estimated revenues and expenditures and adopting a revised personnel
O2001-96: Amount to be raised in 2002 on the assessed valuation of the property within the city
O2001-95: Amending the 2001-2002 Biennial Budget
O2001-94: Biennial Budget and Review
O2001-93: Beaver Lake Management District No. 1
O2001-92: Expand the city traffic engineers authority to regulate parking
O2001-91: City clerk as the agent responsible to receive claims for damages
O2001-90: Reappointment of Parks and Recreation Commission members
O2001-89: Amending the established salaries for all city councilmembers
O2001-88: Extend the terms of office for the Parks and Recreation Commission members
O2001-87: Amending Long and Short Subdivision Regulations
O2001-86: Moratorium Development
O2001-85: Increases in 2002 stormwater rates
O2001-84: Surface water system development charge
O2001-83: Adopting the city's stormwater management comprehensive plan
O2001-82: Amending Impound Regulations
O2001-81: Condemnation 228th Avenue Improvement Project
O2001-80: Emergency due to damage caused by the February 28, 2001 earthquake
O2001-79: Issuance, use and control of credit cards by city officials and employees
O2001-78: Prohibiting excavations in city streets within five years of paving
O2001-77: Moratorium Development
O2001-76: Authorize the city manager to sign contracts to purchase easements or rights-of-way without prior approval by the city council
O2000-75: Adopting the 2001-2002 budgets
O2000-74: Moratorium Wireless Facilities
O2000-73: 2001 Tax Rate
O2000-72: Land use mediation program
O2000-71: Amending the 2000 Budget
O2000-70: Violation of a stop work order a civil infraction
O2000-69: Surface water system development deposit
O2000-68: Development Regulations
O2000-67: Modifying the building code requirements for automatic sprinkler systems
O2000-66: King County rural library district
O2000-65: Limiting the sale and use of fireworks, and allowing for public displays
O2000-64: Amending the Sammamish criminal code to include penalties for fire lane violations
O2000-63: Hearing Examiner for Land Use Decisions
O2000-62: Granting a franchise to Metricom, Inc
O2000-61: Adopting a neighborhood traffic management program
O2000-60: Adopting interim public works standards
O2000-59: Establishing a Six Year Transportation Program
O2000-58: Amending section 14 of the Sammamish building code
O2000-57: Adopting an arterial classification plan
O2000-56: Compensation plan for permanent city employees and repealing ordinance no. O99-53
O2000-55: Approval of the preliminary plat of Crosswater subdivision
O2000-54: Flood damage prevention
O2000-53: Employee Compensation Program Amendment
O2000-52: Establishing a criminal code
O2000-51: Moratorium Development
O2000-50: Procedure relating to contract approvals and authorizing the city manager to execute certain contracts without prior individual approval by the city council
O2000-49: Withdrawl of Excise Tax Ballot Measure
O1999-48: Hours of Operation, City Offices
O2000-47: Special Election for Approval of Excise Tax
O1999-46: Adopting a master fee schedule
O1999-45: Amending the city's 1999 budget ordinance, 099-24
O1999-44: Budget for the 2000 fiscal year
O1999-43: Fixing the amount of tax levies
O1999-42: Amending ordinance no. 099-29, the interim Sammamish development code
O1999-41: Regulations for moving buildings
O1999-39: Emergency planning committee
O1999-38: System of registration of bonds and obligations of the city
O1999-37: Parks and Recreation Commission
O1999-36: Authorizing General Obligation Bond
O1999-35: Amending ordinance no. 099-21
O1999-34: Electronic security devices
O1999-33: Compensation plan for permanent city employees
O1999-32: Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District, Northeast Sammamish Water and Sewer District, and Puget Sound Energy
O1999-31: Boating regulations
O1999-30: Nuisance activities
O1999-29: Interim Sammamish development code
O1999-28: Land use and zoning
O1999-27: Leasehold excise tax
O1999-26: Compensation plan for permanent city employees
O1999-25: Compensation plan for permanent city employees; and establishing an effective date
O1999-24: Budget for the start-up period of May 8, 1999 through December 31, 1999
O1999-23: Model traffic ordinance
O1999-22: Speed limits
O1999-21: Traffic infractions
O1999-20: Disclosure of public records
O1999-19: Legal defense
O1999-18: Hours of Operation, City Offices
O1999-17: Surface water management
O1999-16: Salaries for all city councilmembers; providing for severability
O1999-15: Buildings and construction
O1999-14: General penalty provisions
O1999-13: Animal control
O1999-12: Admissions and Entertainment Tax
O1999-10: City Manager
O1999-9: Franchise to TCI Cablevision for operation of public service businesses in the city of Sammamish
O1999-8: Gambling Tax
O1999-7: Office of city manager
O1999-6: Bonding of City Officials
O1999-5: Sales and use tax
O1999-4: Sales and use tax
O1999-2: Revolving Line of Credit

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